The Original Pudding Company

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The Original Pudding Company supply many of the most respected frozen foodservice companies in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and even the Isle of Man, from its “state of the art" bakery production facility in Fleetwood.

Strategically placed, the site conforms to the highest levels of food safety demanded by our customers and the increasing requirements of current legislation. We are accredited to the rigorous food safety standards of SALSA and conform to all the food safety requirements of the local food authority.

As a company we are committed to ongoing food safety training and development for our colleagues commensurate with their role within the bakery. Production is continuously monitored to ensure the products reach our customers in the most hygienic and safe manner without compromise to quality.

We are proud of our team as they are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products




Some of our staff have been with us for over 20 years learning their trade directly from Mike Lees the founder, maintaining and passing these skills to incoming generations.

Passion, pride, teamwork and a desire to produce the finest handmade sponge puddings are the key to our success, and one which gives us the edge for others to follow.

Products are made daily from the freshest of local ingredients before being quickly frozen so as to capture the puddings at their very freshest. All products are then delivered to our wholesalers via a proven frozen chain.

At The Original Pudding Company we will ensure products are protected during transit with necessary packaging, but we remain committed to minimising packaging to help protect the resources from our environment.